My small contribution

I’ve been asked to join Romance Designs in the Amazon Honor System Donation Campaign, with all monies being donated to the American Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In lieu of my monthly contest, I’ll be donating autographed copies of my books that will be entered in a random drawing; the incentive being for web visitors to donate in order to be entered.

While I would like to think that everyone out there is doing whatever they can to help ease the devastation, perhaps this might make donating a little more appealing to some, as in their giving for a good cause they also have a chance to receive something in return.

Books I’m donating include: MACUMBA / Paranormal Thriller FULL CIRCLE / Romantic Suspense UNRESTRAINED / Poetry Anthology SHADOWS OF MY SOUL / Poetry
Information about this campaign can be found at the following link: Amazon Honor System Relief Campaign



Give because they suffer

The American People are quick to point fingers and place blame in any situation, but even more so it seems, when it comes to how local and government officials respond to disaster situations. If we can focus our attention and energy on how to help the victims, who are suffering mentally, physically, financially and spiritually, instead of getting caught up in the media frenzy, perhaps we can make a difference where it matters most.

Below is a list of organizations who are accepting donations for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Any amount you can give, no matter how big or small will be of help and will make a difference.

American Red Cross, 800-HELP NOW (435-7669)
Operation Blessing, 800-436-6348.
America’s Second Harvest, 800-344-8070.
Adventist Community Services, 800-381-7171.
Catholic Charities, USA, 703-549-1390.
Christian Disaster Response, 941-956-5183 or 941-551-9554.
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, 800-848-5818.
Church World Service, 800-297-1516.
Convoy of Hope, 417-823-8998.
Lutheran Disaster Response, 800-638-3522.
Mennonite Disaster Service, 717-859-2210.
Nazarene Disaster Response, 888-256-5886.
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, 800-872-3283.
Salvation Army, 800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769).
Southern Baptist Convention — Disaster Relief, 800-462-8657, ext. 6440.
United Methodist Committee on Relief, 800-554-8583.

The Laws of Life

I came across an article by soulful-writer, Craig Lock, that outlined some basic laws of life. I found it very inspiring and profound, yet refreshing in its simplicity; things that should be common sense that we humans tend to forget or simply refuse to accept as truth. Here’s a taste of what he had to say:

Law of ATTRACTION: When you are well grounded in your life purpose, have clarity for what you desire most, and are focused on your specific needs, the Universe (God/Life Force/Infinite Spirit) will come to your aid. People who spend time each day getting clear on what it is that they want, always will be able to get what they want.

Law of CONNECTION: I believe every ‘body’ on this planet is connected in the spiritual realm. We are all spiritual beings on an earthly existence. Because we humans have the power of intellectualization, rationality and especially in the immense power of choices – to act, to elevate our thinking and so choose our level of consciousness, which will determine our ultimate destinies.

Law of SOWING AND REAPING: In more modern everyday language, this may also be known as the Law of Cause and Effect (as postulated by the Greek philosopher, Socrates). First you must give, and then you will receive. The farmer plants the seed and then reaps the rich harvest.

Law of DUALITY (or CONTRASTS): There is a flip side or opposite of everything. Every negative has a positive and is accentuated by the contrast. For instance, you can only know good if there is evil. Light can only exist with the darkness. Good luck can only exist, if there is such a thing as having experienced bad luck. And to experience success you must know failure. Even severe adversity can have some benefit, if we adopt a positive attitude and grow from the experience.

Law of CYCLES: All events occur in cycles. Professional athletes might refer to the law of cycles as streaks (“hot”). In accepting the law of cycles, we must know how to make the most of the good streaks. And when times are bad, keep your head up and look ahead expectantly to the upcoming reversal of fortune.

Law of EVOLUTION and CHANGE: Everything evolves and changes (as pressures and the sands of life shift over time) – the ebbs and flows of life. So it is up to you to ensure you progress and move ahead; as what were once huge obstacles get, “seemingly miraculously” removed.

Law of CHOICES: The greatest aspect of the human condition, is our freedom: a freedom to make choices in life: regarding where to live, occupation, how we spend our time, our leisure pursuits, who to marry, and so on. Each one of us has absolute control over the multitude of choices we make each day …and our possibilities are unlimited. Stop feeling trapped by your circumstances, as you are not a victim of life. If you are feeling “negatively stuck in the deep brown stuff”, make the decision to change your life and choose a brand new future. Consequently YOU have the power and freedom to control your destiny.

Law of RESPONSIBILITY: You must accept the full outcomes for the various decisions (choices) you make daily.

Law of INERTIA: In physics the law of inertia states that: “An object at rest tends to stay at rest.” This law is true of life as well. Action gets momentum going! The longer you procrastinate on completing that project, the longer you go without acting, the harder it will be to get started.

Law of MOMENTUM: “An object in motion tends to stay in motion.” This second law of physics is again a reality of life. Once you get started, it is easier to keep going and make progress. After the decision has been made, one tiny first step gets the momentum going.

Law of SYNCHRONICITY (otherwise known as “CO-INCIDENCES”): This principle is closely aligned with the Law of Attraction. You are part of the universe, not a separate entity. We humans are all connected to a common humanity. Your actions affect those around you and determine how your life is shaped. It is important to recognize that you are inseparable from the events and situations in your life. When you see your connection to the world around you, you understand the control you have over your destiny.

Law of MANIFESTATION: Life is like a mirror – what you put out, you’ll get back even more. Put out positive energy (vibrations) and you’ll attract positive results. You become what you think about the most. Our thoughts shape our reality; so we need to learn how to SHAPE our thoughts, as the potter moulds the clay. Consequently, as the old saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for – you’ll probably get it!”

Law of EXPECTATION (POSITIVE): Always expect a favorable outcome – the best from your actions. Be an optimist as seeing the glass as “half full” in all your endeavors!

Law of INTENTION (good): Do things in the right “heart and spirit” with a genuine desire (intent) of sharing ideas to help others or to make some small difference in the world …and you can’t go wrong.

Law of PROCESS AND ACTION: Spend more time in planning and setting goals. Then spend quiet times in reflection and contemplation to review and monitor your progress. Manifesting what we want out of life still requires action and planning. Ask, trust, and allow the Universe’s Infinite Wisdom to send you the answers on what to do to attain our deepest desires. BALANCE thought with decision, which leads to ACTION.

Law of BELIEF: BELIEVE in the tremendous power of BELIEF (i.e. certainty): in the form of your thoughts and imagination. Use these incredible mental tools to your advantage through your amazing human mind. Sow positive energy and you’ll reap positive results. If you think your life will be exciting and fulfilling, you will make it a reality.


The Wandering Wordsmith


The rain came down and washed away the pain and doubt. How easy it was then, finding safety and warmth under the comfort of my favorite woolen blanket; lost in silence, but for the sound of the rain falling in the trees and on my roof; lulling me to a place where nothing existed but blissful happiness and the dreams of a young girl, longing to discover herself, the world, and the meaning of life.

It’s raining now and although I still find warmth and comfort under my blanket, still search for blissful happiness that I once dreamed of and still long to discover my true self, I am not a young girl anymore and sometimes feel my time is running out. I think of all the things I want to do, all the places in the world I have yet to see, and I feel an anxiousness deep inside that sometimes takes my breath.

Is it fear of not fulfilling my dreams before I die, regret for wasting so many years of precious time, or anticipation of what lies ahead? Possibly a combination of all of these…

Some say I’m being selfish, that I should be satisfied that I’m following my passion and using my talent in a way that brings me happiness and contentment, which most will never know; so why then do I want so much more? And why is it considered selfish that I do? Contentment is a feeling that’s always been fleeting in my life and not something that I necessarily long for or welcome, because with it comes a certain amount of complacency, of which I wonder if anything good can really come.

And so I’m constantly wandering; sometimes lost, sometimes on a very distinct and direct path, but stirring and mixing along the way nonetheless. My mother told me once that I’ll never be happy unless I have a certain amount of turmoil in my life and if I find myself running low, I’ll go out looking for it until I find it. I sometimes wonder if she wasn’t right.

What causes some of us to thrive and long for normalcy in our lives; to be satisfied with a daily routine that never waivers from week to week…month to month…year to year; while others run from it and fear that type of life and always want more, no matter how much we have? Are we free spirits trying to indulge in all that life has to offer, or simply lost souls trying to find our way?

Something to think about…..


More than just a bridge


Living in an area surrounded by water, I’m constantly crossing bridges wherever I go. Three of them cross the Intracoastal Waterway and take me to the beaches, only one do I use to get to the heart of the city, and then there’s the Dames Point, the largest and most striking, giving the appearance of two giant sails of a boat, reaching hundreds of feet into the air that leads me to the airport, for quick pick-ups or long-distance journeys; but only one bridge takes me home.

It’s a small bridge by local standards that spans Julington Creek, and I cross it to get to almost anywhere in the area I need or want to go. On the east side of the bridge the creeks is wide and this is a favorite spot for weekend water sports; skiing, tubing, boating and swimming. The farther up into the creek you travel the narrower it becomes, until the million dollar waterfront homes disappear and suddenly you feel like you’ve been transported into another world; where the tree branches reach out over the dark water, as if they’re trying to touch each other from either side of the bank, dripping so thick with Spanish moss that the appearance is ghostly and ethereal.

In the morning on my way to work, the sunrise shimmers over it’s glassy surface and makes me long to be off the road, out of traffic, slowly making my way up the creek to a find a quiet spot to sit and greet the day. There’s a marina right at the base of the bridge, where the tall masts of the sailboats are a striking contrast when the sun sets and acts as their backdrop.

All that aside, what I find so special about this bridge, is that no matter where I’ve been, how happy or stressful my time away was, as soon as I hit that bridge and the sound of my tires as they pass over the sectioned pavement, rig out and give the feel and sound of a heartbeat, and the familiar tree-lined banks come into view…I know I’m home.

Two minutes tops…and I’ve left the hustle and bustle of the world, where I peacefully escape to my little house nestled in the big woods; far enough away that the only sounds heard are those that come from the river, yet close enough to civilization that everything is right up the street. In a strange and sometimes terrifying world, its nice to have such a simple pleasure to count on….what’s your simple pleasure?


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