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A New Year 

Care package 

Sometimes, all it takes is one beautiful act of random kindness, to restore ones faith in humanity and shed a little light in the darkness. I am surrounded by beautiful people and know that I am blessed. 

Death Changes Us – 

I lost my first love to death at nineteen, chased his ghost for a decade; trying to find him, trying to find who I was without him, until I met the mate of my soul; found love with him so true and unconditional that I was totally free just to be and discover me. Now too, I have lost that love to death – my greatest love, my true love, my last love; and while I know exactly who I am now, don’t have to search or chase his ghost, for I see and feel him everywhere, in every thing, I can’t get past the pain of my broken heart to even fill my lungs with a full breath. Love changed us, it made us better, it created precious life from the best of both of us, it saved us more than once and his death has changed me still more. If I could feel anything past this pain perhaps I could find a way to peel my self off the floor. 
~ jill terry 7.7.16

A Blessed Day

No matter how you choose to celebrate – Ēostre, Ostara, or Easter, the symbolism is the same; the death and rebirth of life during this time of year. Make it a blessed one and may your day be filled with much love and light. ❥jill

Into the Never

And as I made my way through his forest so mystical, I came upon the entrance of choice; I hesitated not, but boldly moved forward, into the Never, which forever altered my course through all worlds ~ ©jillterry |


I woke this morning with the sun shining at my window, an empty spot now forever by my side; and I realized with heavy heart that soon I will never wake to this view again, never dream and slumber in the room for decades we shared; sometimes full, at others empty, but mostly overflowing with love. And so in this moment of absolute truth, my final chapter now begins. j.a.terry 11.1.15 


Autumns child –

She sees her self
An autumn child
Leveling off

She turns from the mirror
She doesn’t like it much

Feeling like summer
Longing for spring
Surrounded by people
All telling her different things

Opportunities knocking
Too many chances missed
Felling suffocated
Never so

Like the raindrop
On her windshield
Unmoving – unyielding
Steadfast holding
No matter how fast
She travels

Or the house in the woods
Withering through seasons
Still standing tall
Once beautiful
Now abandoned



L I F E 



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