When you’ve been gifted some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises the universe has to offer, you count yourself lucky for each and every one; but when they pale in comparison to the beauty of your dreams, it’s the universe telling you, it’s time to follow them… Image and Verse ©2011 Jill Terry


It never ceases to amaze me To what lengths people will go To appease their own ego To maintain the façade Making themselves And their lives Appear more gradiouse Than they actually are How many would rather Live a life built on lies Rather than face And admit their own truth Its only when weContinue reading “TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCE”


There is a path Challenging and complex That if we allow ourselves to follow Will lead us to our dreams Insecurity and confusion Questions of capability Searching for purpose Create our hesitation Though eager we may be To discover what destiny awaits us We stand at the crossroads Instead of moving forward joyously The universeContinue reading “THERE IS A PATH”

Dear Mr. Baylay,

Dear Mr. Baylay, Correct me if I’m wrong, but if memory serves, you’re the vodka cranberry fellow that left a few comments on my blog some four years ago? Over the past several weeks you’ve contacted me in regards to those comments, requesting that they be removed, even going so far as to leave theContinue reading “Dear Mr. Baylay,”


Madness comes In many forms I’ve recently Come to learn Fallen victim Self inflicted Lost wanderer Innocent bystander Watching Hearing Seeing Experiencing Feeling Living Something so small Completely Insignificant Can be the catalyst Act as the trigger And everything Spirals Comes undone Unraveling Weakening Crumbling Breaking Until you slip Into numbness Leading to Nothingness AndContinue reading “TAKING REIGN”