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Out of sorts 

My mind ripples and shifts in and out of focus, searching a balm to heal this open wound. j.a.terry 5.11.16

Into the Never

And as I made my way through his forest so mystical, I came upon the entrance of choice; I hesitated not, but boldly moved forward, into the Never, which forever altered my course through all worlds ~ ©jillterry |

Autumns child –

She sees her self
An autumn child
Leveling off

She turns from the mirror
She doesn’t like it much

Feeling like summer
Longing for spring
Surrounded by people
All telling her different things

Opportunities knocking
Too many chances missed
Felling suffocated
Never so

Like the raindrop
On her windshield
Unmoving – unyielding
Steadfast holding
No matter how fast
She travels

Or the house in the woods
Withering through seasons
Still standing tall
Once beautiful
Now abandoned



Ghost Heart


Gypsy Soul

A fortress she built
Stronghold round her heart
Burying the key within
Tomb of ancient wonders
So that no man could do
As once he had done ~

©2015 jillterry


If only for a moment . . . 


If only for a moment. . . 


Blessed Ostara ||☽✯☾

Feel the Cosmic sway
as the balance shifts
Astrological year begins

Equal parts darkness and light
la luna e il sole
in my birthsign aligned

At dusk I go in preparation
for dawnings celebration 
To bask in the promise 
of the light half of this year 

©2015 |


Morning after

Mornings when the moon still shines in the sky, worn and fading from a night of full fancy, hanging round for a final show, a fond adieu and see you on the flip side. Those are the mornings I like best of all.☽✯☾

©2015 jill terry |


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