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Moonshadows light the way ~



Consulting the Oracle ~

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Wandering Spirits


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Autumn splendor

My heart aches for the beauty of the fall; the last big hurrah before winter’s chilly dawn, covers the earth with a blanket of frost. The eternal beauty of autumn’s colors lost.

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Quote of the day

We each live in our own personal jungle; the trick is learning how to survive and thrive there. ©2013 jillterry |




As I walk along this sand covered patch of earth, the wind cool upon my flesh, bringing the waves to a crashing end, just inches from my feet; it’s hard for me to fathom that there are people dotting the same world, who woke to this day, hearts filled with hatred, souls set on death and destruction; under the same beautiful sun that kisses my skin even now.

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Of monsters and men

of monsters and men jillterry

When you stop behaving like a human being and cross over into monster territory, all human rights should be stripped away. At that point you become a lab rat; studied and dissected, until the answer to, “What the fuck is WRONG with people” is found.

Unless it simply boils down to some people being borne into the world with evil in their souls, in which case exorcism should become the norm and not a fictional hot topic for entertainment purposes.

Let’s face it; state sanctioned prison rehabilitation was not created to save lost souls.

That is all.

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Wondering how they reached that place, turning their backs and walking away; back to the ball of merriment, where laughter and play is the name of the game, and the medicated haze once thought just a phase, does nothing but illuminate his illusion.

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Hidden truths


The pain we carry
Whether real or
Mental phantoms
Keep us trapped

No matter what hope
We think we’ve found
Or how deep a mark
We believe we’ve made

The illusion fades
Because it’s a mere
Surface reflection
Of who we really are

In fear we retreat
Back inside ourselves
Not wanting to reveal
Or able to self heal

Our hidden truths

Personal demons
That cause fear and pain
With the power to drive
All else away


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