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Sacred geometry 

I’m moving . . .

New name, new address ~

All new posts will be made on new site and in process of transferring files.
I do hope you’ll hop on the gypsy wagon and ride along!


Old fave



Consulting the Oracle ~

©2014 jillterry |

Dream within a Dream ~


Dream of me he said
Knowing not the endless hours
She relived every moment
They ever spent together

Dream of me he said
Never knowing the pain
Of losing twice
The only loves
She’d ever known

The first to death
Him to another

Dream of me he said
As he closed the door
She collapsed on his lawn
Spent years after wondering

What she’d done wrong
Why she wasn’t enough

Dream of me he said
When decades passed
Fate stepped in
Once more crossing their paths

Dream of him she did
In vivid living color
And with him to her dreams
Just as he’d done in life

He stood before her and smiled
With another at his side

©2014 jillterry│



Echoes Swirl


All the words he spoke
Whispered and screamed
For my ears and my heart
For my sake and my sanity
Never lifeless upon the page
Echoes whirl round
Find their way back to me

When the Universe
Wants me to remember
A bittersweet reminder
Of what was had and the cost
And the price in which it was lost

The love that rang true
That changed me forever
The love of all lifetimes
That love of me you

©2014 jillterry |



He rose from the depths of her unconscious mind, like smoke drifting from the unknown, wrapping himself around and penetrating her soul. “I feel you…I feel you”, she whispered inside; as dawns early light crept in, illuminating her senses, and softly he faded as morning’s mist, just as she reached to bring him to her.


Running in Shadows

To the mountaintop he must fly
Already halfway there
For the beast awaits his arrival
Calling him out loud and hard

He stands intimidating
Proud and gloating
A show of power
This soulless prowler

Luring him deeper
Under its spell
Trying to wrap round
Get that final hold

But this night is different
The tables being turned
For he wears her love
Like a shield of armor

And this night
He does not
Fly alone

©2012 jillie

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