I’m moving . . .

New name, new address ~ GypsyChyck.com All new posts will be made on new site and in process of transferring files. I do hope you’ll hop on the gypsy wagon and ride along! Peace, jill


The first letter Of the first Word Put down and Purged The stroke of Midnight All Hallows Eve He always Believed Her to be a Witch Leaving him damned And cursed One thousand and one Her number on The list Nameless Faceless Meaningless Conquests The exact number Final word count At the end of firstContinue reading “SIGNS”

In living color

Called to the carpet To meet with Prominent editor Of finest antiquity Gigantic Persian Rug The office loomed Enormous Intimidating At the end of a Brightly lit Corridor Heart pine floors Substantial Eloquent Strong enough to Support Even the largest Of egos She held up my Book As I entered The room Smiling from herContinue reading “In living color”