Monthly Archives: March 2017

Living Death 

The minutes just keep passing

White on my wrist red on the clock 

Menacing with a secondhand 

That hangs on the wall

While the reel of visions

Unravel in my mind 

The harder I try to stop

The faster they come

Searching and found 

Unmoving on the ground 

Lifeless and stiff 

Gun by his hand 

Facedown in a river of blood 

I can’t stop either

Time passing 

Or visions from coming 

Over and over like a broken projector 

And yet it somehow all slows

As it meticulously drives me mad – 

j.a.terry 3.31.17


Quote of the day 

Starting to feel human again 


Happened upon this quaint little church on the banks of the St. John’s River while out driving with the dogs yesterday. 

Earth medicine 

Morning light 


The road less traveled 

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