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Created by my sister-in-law, Gretta –


This is a memorial set up by the family of Byron Terry to benefit his wife and son at home as they are left to deal with many unexpecteds. We lost a most caring, compassionate, and loving person and the hole in our hearts is huge. BT, as most called him, had two grown children plus a son who will be graduating from high school this year. Money doesn’t take away the hurt, but if we can help alleviate the burden on them some, we want to have our part in doing so. Please share this page to raise more support, thank you.

Autumns child –

She sees her self
An autumn child
Leveling off

She turns from the mirror
She doesn’t like it much

Feeling like summer
Longing for spring
Surrounded by people
All telling her different things

Opportunities knocking
Too many chances missed
Felling suffocated
Never so

Like the raindrop
On her windshield
Unmoving – unyielding
Steadfast holding
No matter how fast
She travels

Or the house in the woods
Withering through seasons
Still standing tall
Once beautiful
Now abandoned





At her finest –


Mingling memories – 


Morning glory –


All seeing – All knowing 


Room with a view –


Windows open, sun shining, birds singing, espresso hot, and the world temporarily at bay . . .

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