Monthly Archives: September 2015

Every day . . . 


Gentle reminder –

A ball busting day cleaning at the shop and sorting 31 years of Terry Brothers Custom Auto Trim history – and then this end-of-day reminder that it’s still a beautiful world ☮

Finding beauty in the wreckage –


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 


Stir of echoes 

I heard his laughter that first night alone in our bed – his spot once filled with warmth like a furnace that kept me warm on winter nights, now cold, empty and so very lonely; and I wondered if it was a dream from the edge of sleep, or the stir of an echo from the realm in which he has shifted and now dwells – where the pain is no more and he’s found freedom and peace, and his old buddy Larry to laugh with once more. j.terry 9.27.15


In loving memory


Memorial Ride 

In honor of Byron Terry

4/24/52 – 8/31/15


Yin Yang


Guardian bell –


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