Dream Job

He took me on a tour then led me to what would be my office, should I choose to accept the position. It was on the fourth floor of an old Victorian mansion, with a view all the way to the city below; the Queen City, and there I stood, a jewel in her crown. He’d been my boss years ago, and we happened across one another at an art festival where he told me about the position, gave me his card and asked that I please call, before wandering off into the crowd. 

His office was directly below mine, and my ex-lovers office, one floor below that. There were three cats, the true owners, that came with the house when the company acquired it, as part of the purchase agreement. Seven Engineers, three cats, and an undoubtedly haunted old mansion with an office in the turret. It didn’t matter what they offered, there was no way I was passing this opportunity.

©2015 | jill terry


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