Death reared it’s head, leaving a hole where a loved-one once dwelled; yet I know that this death is not the end, you’re not rising above nor descending below, but still living beside us, in a shift of worlds.

Travel well, dear Pop, until we meet again ~

Travis H. Terry
April 21, 1929 – December 10, 2014



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3 responses to “D E A T H

  • JMC813

    I am so sorry for your loss. You are so very right though. They are always with us. In spirit, memory, and as a guiding force.

    I stand in awe of your photography. This is just a masterful split reverse image (can’t remember the actual name for it from photo class SO many years ago). You are a true talent.

  • gypsychyk

    Thank you so much for your kind words of sympathy, understanding, encouragement and praise. Truly appreciated more than you know!

  • JMC813

    Any time. I look forward to seeing much more of your fantastic work.

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