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Finale Fortune 2014



Let’s change the world, shall we?!


There most definitely is a shift of human consciousness happening in and around the world; open your eyes and don’t get sucked in. We do have the Power within us to change the world, we just have to Believe in our selves and each other; we have to want to see the Truth and we will find it, by first looking Within, for we each hold the Key.

Image link – journeying to inner truth

Gentle reminder ~


The Oracle


Gypsy Soul ~

A fortress she built, stronghold round her heart, burying the key within an ancient tomb, so that no man could do as once he had done ~
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Merry Christmas!

From my home to yours ~


Solstice blessings ~

Now is the time to trust the magic of new beginnings ~


Lace agate ~


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