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8 thoughts on “Thistle

  1. Thank you for the info! I grew up in the north and we always just called them thistle, and having vacationed there recently I was thrilled to get this shot. As for dried arrangements, had I not been flying back south, I’d have brought a bundle for just that purpose!

  2. You are very welcome.

    I am trying to become an herbalist as one of my “trades”. I grew up around the US and was born in the UK. I started taking an interest in plants and such since I was about seven or eight years old.


    I work with all sorts of herbs and plants as part of my magical arts. – All self-taught!

    Please keep those great photos coming. 😉

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

  3. An herbalist, how wonderful! When I was young, I used to forage the woods and come home with basket filled with all sorts of lovely things to make arrangements and such with; imagining mixing magical concoctions that could transform my world; until I brought in a bundle of Queen Anne’s lace filled with chiggers and my father promptly informed me my foraging days were over!

    Thanks for prompting this trip down memory lane!
    I must check out your site.

  4. Ahhh, Yesss!

    The memories. My site is still a bit of a “work-in-progress”. There again, aren’t most sites and creative works? 😉

    – Cheers, my friend!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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