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les amoureux


When the world around grows dark and quiet,
finally coming to rest in silence;
two souls come together,
intertwine and mesh with the night.
Those are the best hours.
Those are their hours . . .

©2013 jillterry



He finished drawing up the dreaded contract, drank the last of his coffee and thought about her sleeping; her new heart beating strong. He crept into the room and sat beside the bed, so wanting to kiss her but not wanting to wake her. He sat for a moment more, admiring and loving her in the silence of the night; then off to the office and back to work, two rooms down the hall. Several hours later, deep into his project, she peeked her head into the room and smiled at him; each thinking to themselves how good life finally was…

©2013 jillterry

Pablo Picasso. Spanish, 1881–1973.
Meditation (Contemplation). Late 1904. Water-color and pen and ink on paper

Vintage Love


©2013 jill terry

Electric blue

Electric blue hypnotic state, where all connects and thirsts are quenched; currents coursing at the slightest touch, divine fated hearts beating as one. Lifetimes shared since the beginning of all, a woven silver cord, delicate yet strong; bound on one end to brilliant golden light, bound on the other an emerald glowing calm. Body-to-body, soul-to soul, two lovers bore witness to unfathomable splendor.

©2013 jillterry


Of monsters and men

of monsters and men jillterry

When you stop behaving like a human being and cross over into monster territory, all human rights should be stripped away. At that point you become a lab rat; studied and dissected, until the answer to, “What the fuck is WRONG with people” is found.

Unless it simply boils down to some people being borne into the world with evil in their souls, in which case exorcism should become the norm and not a fictional hot topic for entertainment purposes.

Let’s face it; state sanctioned prison rehabilitation was not created to save lost souls.

That is all.

©2013 jill terry


Wondering how they reached that place, turning their backs and walking away; back to the ball of merriment, where laughter and play is the name of the game, and the medicated haze once thought just a phase, does nothing but illuminate his illusion.

©2013 jill terry

Good morning world…

Good morning world...




She wrapped herself around our hearts and took a piece of them with her.
Travel well, wee one…

Aug17 – Oct2


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