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Hidden truths


The pain we carry
Whether real or
Mental phantoms
Keep us trapped

No matter what hope
We think we’ve found
Or how deep a mark
We believe we’ve made

The illusion fades
Because it’s a mere
Surface reflection
Of who we really are

In fear we retreat
Back inside ourselves
Not wanting to reveal
Or able to self heal

Our hidden truths

Personal demons
That cause fear and pain
With the power to drive
All else away




Her words resonated
Like raindrops falling
Echoing in the stillness
Of his silence

Touching him deep
Lighting his spirit
Finding great comfort
He opened the door

Damn the consequences
Or possible reward
He had no expectation
Just drawn to her uniqueness

He kept it low key
Offering friendship and kindness
When what he wanted
Was to embrace and keep her

Feel her tears
Run down his neck
As selflessly he absorbed
Past demons and pain

Wrapping her in him
Holding her tight
In the lucid silence
Of the empty night

©2013 jillterry

Almost perfect lovers


Mabon blessings to all ~


Solitary confinement


The time is at hand
The necessity of change
Meditating on the emptiness
Reflecting to gain strength

Shifting perspective
From a sense of sheer urgency
A higher price on personal value
With a built-in guarantee

Cultivating self-worth
By looking within
The need of comparison
Entirely unnecessary

Casting a solitary circle
Taking stock of individuality
Positive inner qualities
Unique and hidden talents

Focusing on the goodness
The blessings that abound
Moving away from the darkness
Letting go of things lacked

Learning to be worthy
Of grace and esteem
Healing from within
Reclaiming a soul of beauty

Acknowledging that missteps
Are simply part of the process
Self worth is independent
Of how one is measured

Finding and making peace
In emptiness and fullness
Somewhere between reality
And all that’s ever been dreamed


The portrait

I’ve looked at that image
A million times …

Held it to my face
Deeply inhaled

Closed my eyes
Felt the softness

Under my touch
Through my fingers

With tears in my eyes
Kissed it gently

As if I could extract
His very essence

A silent prayer
An unholy plea

Seeing him there
Standing before me ~

©2013 jillterry

Through my eyes




upon his lips


Upon his lips
She left a kiss
That would carry
Them into forever

Then ushered forth
On wings of pain
She fled into the night

Banishing herself
Under a cloak of darkness
Returning to her world
Of solitary confinement

Where even the trees
Wept in her presence

©2013 jillterry

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