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Through my eyes

A moment of peace in the morning rush ~

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©2013 jill terry

Playground Love

I saw it today
For the first time
In forever
That place I once played
Free to be me

My heart raced
With undeniable yearning
To be back inside
The need overwhelming

I sat and looked on
Tall rusted ferris wheel
While memories spun round
Ghosts reappeared

I walked alone
Toward the area of abandonment
Through waist high weeds
My excitement increasing

A fence blocked my path
Surrounding the border
With a hand-painted sign

My heart like a rock
Dropped and broke open
As I looked in from the outside
Overwrought with sorrow

©2013 jill terry

Through my eyes


Hey, kid, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rock on …Ooh, my soul

©2013 jill terry



Light and shadows
Drifting, shifting
Slow motion memories
Haunting consciousness

Flooding the senses
Unwanted questions
Internal battle among
Heart and mind

Eyes closed
To all that was seen
The depth and breadth
All space in between

No relief comes
Envelops completely
Every word shared
Each moment spent

Somewhere in the midst
Of light and shadow
Where peace resides
And beauty is found

Therein lies
Truths magickal answers

©2013 jill terry

Down at the Sunset Grille


©2013 jill terry



©2013 jill terry

Invoking Erosion


I wish it was a pebble
Easily kicked off the path
Rolling precariously
Maybe even bouncing
A time or two before
Landing in the ditch

Out of my sight
Out of my mind

But it’s a goddamn

No matter
What I do
How hard I try
It’s still there
Always there

Blocking my path
Taking up space
Making its presence
Forever known

In that void of emptiness
It once made a home

©2013 jill terry

No Surprise


©2013 jill terry

The Look

the look

The pause between breaths
Seemingly lasted forever
The numb and wounded heart
Immediately jumpstarted

One fleeting glimpse
That knowing look
Senses reeled
Illusion ensued

And for just a moment
Empty spaces filled
And it felt as if
He’d come back home

©2013 jill terry

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