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Poem-a-day #16


Trying to channel
In pursuit of change
Anger the dominant hue
Smoldering relentlessly

Peace and solace lost
Beyond my realm of grasp
Growing more wicked
Each day that passes

Trying to release resentment
Fill the leftover spaces
Take responsibility
Devote attention

To my own faded light
My own personal growth
Acceptance of self
And what it all meant

©2013 jillie
National Poetry Month

Poem-a-day #15


Longing for the day
When the last
Memory fades
And my heart
Gives way
To the lies

©2013 jillie
National Poetry Month

Poem-a-day #13


Insanity knocks

Slowly the door
Creaks open
Grating harshly
Over broken fragments

From the inside
Blackness spews
Insanity hesitates
Enters anyway

©2013 jillie
National Poetry Month

Poem-a-day #12


It’s the sorting of self
When you don’t understand
How it is you really feel
what it is you really want

Believing in a time
that may or may not come
Standing still and alone
watching it pass you by

It’s the certainty of death
in having felt and watched it descend
Wrapping round taking hold
And still being unable to move

It’s the black and white questions
that cannot be answered
Truth and its consequence
No longer denied

When our lives
can’t wait for the answer
and WHY
is the unanswered question

©2013 jillie
National Poetry Month

Poem-a-day #11


Each time I felt myself slipping away
Body and spirit beginning to separate
Affixed with a single transparent cord

World turned grey then faded to black
Numbness set in all pain surpassed
The closer I got to deaths waiting door

Elements taken as I was snatched back away
Shadow residuals that will always remain
Left to linger as I returned from the brink

Back to life
Forever changed

©2013 jillie
National Poetry Month

Poem-a-day #10


Into still waters
He calmly led me

Silent . . .

In the white wave
I am no longer

©2013 jillie
National Poetry Month

Poem-a-day #9

navigating darkness


Plans and visions
Some divinely inspired
Our want and need
To see through fruition

Countless possibilities
Each one disheartening
When life reroutes us
With its own destination

To a place perhaps
We’re intended to be
For reasons deeper
Than our own understanding

Trials and tests
In perfect design
Awaken us from
To a deeper sense
Of reality

Struggling to maintain
The illusion of control
Loss of enabling us
A shift in perception

Within the unknown
The key can be found
Unlocking mysteries
To the universe and self

Surrendering to situation
Refusing to be prisoner
Navigating the darkness
Finding inspiration

On the other side
Of which there must be
We emerge transformed
Because of the journey

©2013 jillie
National Poetry Month

Poem-a-day #8



Everything crushed
Ground to sand
Washes ashore
Pebbles of glass

©2013 jillie
National Poetry Month

Poem-a-day #7


Doorway to a Dream

Standing at the threshold
Having followed the sacred path
I emerged from my own crysallis
Discovering the colors of my heart

I hold the key in hand
Unlocks the doorway to a dream
I give all I have in offering
Yet still am not bade entry

©2013 jillie
National Poetry Month

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