Poem-a-day #16

Trying to channel In pursuit of change Anger the dominant hue Smoldering relentlessly Peace and solace lost Beyond my realm of grasp Growing more wicked Each day that passes Trying to release resentment Fill the leftover spaces Take responsibility Devote attention To my own faded light My own personal growth Acceptance of self And whatContinue reading “Poem-a-day #16”

Poem-a-day #11

Each time I felt myself slipping away Body and spirit beginning to separate Affixed with a single transparent cord World turned grey then faded to black Numbness set in all pain surpassed The closer I got to deaths waiting door Elements taken as I was snatched back away Shadow residuals that will always remain LeftContinue reading “Poem-a-day #11”

Poem-a-day #9

NAVIGATING DARKNESS Plans and visions Some divinely inspired Our want and need To see through fruition Countless possibilities Each one disheartening When life reroutes us With its own destination To a place perhaps We’re intended to be For reasons deeper Than our own understanding Trials and tests In perfect design Awaken us from Unconsciousness ToContinue reading “Poem-a-day #9”

Poem-a-day #7

Doorway to a Dream Standing at the threshold Having followed the sacred path I emerged from my own crysallis Discovering the colors of my heart I hold the key in hand Unlocks the doorway to a dream I give all I have in offering Yet still am not bade entry ©2013 jillie Jillterry.com National PoetryContinue reading “Poem-a-day #7”