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On the road

on the road

I’m traveling and unavailable, but even if I weren’t, I would still be unavailable to you.

Truth is
You don’t know me
I don’t want you to
I don’t know you
I know I don’t want to

I can understand why Veronica Lake kicked you to the curb for sitting on your ass smoking weed and waiting to die. What the fuck kind of existence is that?

I also understand that people like us get up and go to work every day to make an honest living to support ourselves and families, only to have a portion of our pay go to people like you who are too fucking lazy and irresponsible to get a job; though quite capable, but believe it’s your right to be taken care of, as if the world owes you something simply because you were bourn into it.

Fuck that

If you can’t do the public then get out of it. Find yourself an abandoned asylum somewhere and take up residence with the local ghosts that can co-exist with your own.

I’m not your friend
I never was
I have nothing for you
I never will

I understand your kind, whether you’re flopping on the sofa of an acquaintance/friend, or roaming the halls of your country estate.

You’re all the same inside
Looking for someone to fill the void

I am not filler

Please don’t contact me again


End of Story

shadow play

None of it matters
It was all just illusion
Snagged on a shadow
Working her way free

©2013 jillie

There is a Path

there is a path

There is a path
Challenging and complex
That if we allow ourselves to follow
Will lead us to our dreams

Insecurity and confusion
Questions of capability
Searching for purpose
Create our hesitation

Though eager we may be
To discover what destiny awaits us
We stand at the crossroads
Instead of moving forward joyously

The universe holds our plans
Eclipsing our greatest dreams
Aware of our quests
And best formulated plans

Ever watching over us
All we must do is believe
Our fate will provide
Guiding our journey of ambition

Ready to care
Always for our needs
But this attention so loving
Is not mere chance or coincidence

Nothing happens without purpose
Everything happens for a reason
Yet fear and ego are the destroyers
Possessing their own perception

Preventing profound lessons
Labeled mistakes creating conflict
Hindering growth and progress
Of our personal evolution

At the first sign of faith
The universe will propel us
Forward toward our goals
In its unstoppable current

We only need believe
We only need trust
We only need faith

And Thy Will
Shall be done

©2013 jillie


“He who fights monsters should see to it that he does not become a monster in the process.”
– Nietzsche

my monsters

Imitation of Life

imitation of life

Alas the emotional storm has subsided
And once more the predator preys
Assuming a false identity
So as to bask in the wake
Of his disease and destruction

To see in an image
To read within a word
Anything resembling him
Proof he had been there


Succumbing once more
To this need to manipulate
Feeding his self-serving
Childish ego

With his narcissistic
Nefarious ways

Hurting women
With relentless flirtation
Emotional and spiritual
Claims of connection

Fantastical dreams
And promises of a future
Each being the only one

So as not to read
His true intentions

Along with his playful
Drawn-out seduction
Come flattering words
Gifts bestowed upon them

These women
These momentary
Interests of love

Feeding his addiction
Till he no longer
Needs them

Spinning webs
Lies so intricate
Cover-up stories
False alibis

All to sustain
This double life

A man-child looking for validation
Appearing most vulnerable
Endearing countless women

To appease his desperate need
Of reassurance from all females

A tragic person
Searching desperately
For something
For any thing

To quench the unquenchable
Internal esteem issues

To fill that blackened
Void of emptiness
That slowly consumes
From the inside out

Awaiting the inevitable fallout
Always the fault of the woman

For his ego denies the reality
Of his own fucked up behavior

©2013 Jill Terry



This state of uncertainty
When light rapidly fades
Darkness begins its reign

Dreams and memories blur
And the gloom mingles
With unparalleled

©2013 Jill Terry

We each hold the key

we each hold the key

If the power were within us
to travel worlds outside our own
to learn the secrets
that lie beyond the grave
how many of us
would make the journey

If the truth of our existence
could be found within the depths
of our own untapped minds
how deep would we go to find it

What hidden doors
would we willingly open
eagerly walk through
not knowing what shadows
might lurk on the other side

If we knew for certain
the answers could be found there

The mind knows no limits
the heart has no boundaries
and the soul is capable of soaring
the endless heights of infinity

The truth exists within us all
we need only find the key
that unlocks the door
and sets it free –

©Jill Terry


shadows of light and darkness

At times it’s all too much
This beauty overwhelming
For shadows and darkness
It makes me yearn
But under that cloak
He lingers still
Where death is more preferable
Than facing him again

©2013 jillterry

Amber Dreams


She walked with him there
Once upon a dream
Through the wonderlands of winter
Into the carnival of spring
Crossing the great divide
To reach green fields in summertime
But she lost him to the fire
Of autumns blazing forests
Now she walks the seasons alone
Leaving her mark along the shore
Dreaming always in amber honey

©2013 jill

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