Monthly Archives: June 2012

Running in Shadows

To the mountaintop he must fly
Already halfway there
For the beast awaits his arrival
Calling him out loud and hard

He stands intimidating
Proud and gloating
A show of power
This soulless prowler

Luring him deeper
Under its spell
Trying to wrap round
Get that final hold

But this night is different
The tables being turned
For he wears her love
Like a shield of armor

And this night
He does not
Fly alone

©2012 jillie

amare aeternam

But if the truth of our heart and soul exists
Gather loves shattered remnants
Bind and bathe in silver corded light
Cast out this immedicabile vulnus

That we will live in the golden age
Once again see the rise of heroes
The triumph of light
The end of darkness

©2012 jillie

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