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A strong desire to escape
Circumstances as they are
Turning to unrealistic fantasies

Nebulous dreams
Of things that don’t exist

Hindering me from pursuing
Formulating workable plans
Ambitions my heart nurtures

Nothing but dreams
Wishes by the heart made

Realizing my life is only mine to live
Only mine to control
Opening my eyes to immediate concerns

Worries that fill my heart
Flood my mind

Uncertainty distracting me
Interfering with my possibilities
Each time I endeavor
To alter unwanted circumstances

But I will become the change I desire
I will manifest my true aspirations
And each day will bring me closer
To the prosperity and richness

I’ve so long envisioned
Inside my mind
Felt so strongly
Inside my heart

I will dig deep
Inside myself
Find my strength
And become the change
I so desire

And no one will stop me
Or stand in my way

©2012 jill


Weathering the Storm

Feel as if Im burning
Watching drops of rain
Listening to rumbling thunder
Drowning in a sea of pain

©2012 jill

At the end of the day . . .

Sound of the waves
Caress of the sea breeze
Warmth of the sun

Knowing what awaits me
What too soon is to come
Taking a day alone
Just me my self and I

Contenplating the universe
Sorting my internal mess
Watching my certainty
Ebb and flow with the tide

Silent prayers rising up
That somehow someway
Fate will be kind

And something more
Out there awaits me

Yet at the end of the day
Uncertainty still lingers

©2012 jill

Memory of a Dream

Dinner by candlelight
New dress new shoes
Chandeliers slowly rise
The symphony begins
You take my hand
And never let go –

©2012 jillie


Graceful Insanity

It’s a long arduous process to be driven gracefully insane – and yet he managed effortlessly, as if he’d done it a thousand lifetimes before. And I’m not speaking of the anonymous one – I’m referring to you.

©2012 jill


No celebrated festivities
No lighting of the fire
No bough on the door
No ribbons, nor garland
No ritual offerings
No prayers to the Deities

Just a circle in the sand
With me at its center
Acknowledging alone
What once this day meant

©2012 jill

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