Thin ice and a roll of the dice

Walking across a pond
Frozen thin ice
In the pitch of dark
Creeping toward the edge

A foreign forest
Seeking communication
The hunter within
A complete and total stranger

An apparition
Lost in the fog
Never before met
Yet at times feels familiar

One my heart
Tells me I love
My soul assures me of
But a stranger nonetheless

I feel the ice begin to break
The closer I get to what lies within
Cracking and splintering beneath me
Immobilizing me in place

Afraid to move
Unable to breathe
Fearing if I yell out
My call will go unanswered

So I stand unmoving
Waiting patiently

To see if my sins
Can be forgiven

To see if the anger
Begins to ebb

To see if one day
I’ll be worthy again

©2012 jillie

About jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words... View all posts by jill

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