Thin ice and a roll of the dice

Walking across a pond Frozen thin ice In the pitch of dark Creeping toward the edge A foreign forest Seeking communication The hunter within A complete and total stranger An apparition Lost in the fog Never before met Yet at times feels familiar One my heart Tells me I love My soul assures me ofContinue reading “Thin ice and a roll of the dice”

In this silence I believe…

First cut Solar Plexus Vertical toward Crown Counterclockwise he travels Adding three more Meticulously concentrated With precision skill Graceful fluidity Masking exerted energies Intently confident A master at his craft Superior abilities balanced with Sheer will and determination This perfect stranger Fate forced upon my path Whose concern I feel Compassion openly shown Determined toContinue reading “In this silence I believe…”

Don’t count me out ~

Sleep comes less easily As time approaches Worries set in Fear becomes Something entirely Different So many things I would take back I would change Already happened Already too late As I come to the end Of this neverending chapter I know how I want it to end But my wants no longer Seem toContinue reading “Don’t count me out ~”