The Man

It must be nice to be the man that decides his own destination
No matter what responsibilities or others he leaves behind
No matter what anyone may or may not have planned

No matter how sick or in need of care
If the sun is shining he’s off on two wheels
Going wherever he wants and calling it work
To hang out at biker bars and chat with known whores

It must be nice to be the man with no conscious whatsoever
To see her sitting in the corner crying, pretend he doesn’t
Offer no comfort and just walk right on past

It must be nice to be the man who only needs money in his pocket
Because the one he neglects, yet claims to love works her ass off
To pay for his medical needs and all of his household bills

It must be nice to be the man who says fuck it and tosses the paper aside
The one that had only two questions needing answered
The one that would have left them with something if he dies

It must be nice to be the man spends his life in his cave
Crossing in the hall or on the way out the door
Only two reasons for him to ever come inside
Indoor plumbing and a nice soft bed

It won’t be so nice to be the man
Who wakes one of these mornings in complete oblivion
To find everything gone but her lingering scent

Why do you think she’s packing her boxes
Why do you think she avoids you at all cost
Why do you think she cries in the night

Yet it will be her fault when she leaves you
Because there isn’t a single thing wrong with you

So next time you see me if I haven’t already left you
Passing liters of blood on the floor turning grey
And you can’t get a signal to call 911
It’ll be because I said Fuck it and didn’t pay your bill

So suffer you worthless son of a bitch
Stand there helpless and watch me die
And if you thought I was worth more to you
Dead than alive

Guess again mother fucker and take it up with HR!

©2012 jill


Published by jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words...

5 thoughts on “The Man

  1. I’m not sure if I’m adequately communicating my point. Decide your own destination independent of those people in your life that would impede your ability to get there.
    Shitty things happen are going to happen (I know quite a bit about what it’s like to have health problems). But knowing your own true north? That’s the difference between where you’re finding yourself now and where you need to be.
    Besides, there’s somethIng emotionally dishonest about latching yourself to someone who was/is/will always be following a different path than you are, then composing about ending up farther and farther away from where you want to be.
    No one else owns your happiness or security. The “man” knows that to be true. You’re still figuring that out.

  2. And god knows YOU are so emotionally honest… Idiot.
    Worthless fucking psychotic predator, that can’t even keep a grip on his own personalities.
    Or is it simply that you hate yourself so fucking much, that you have to create all your “other” selves just to get away from the original you.

    Not the real you… I don’t believe there is such a thing any longer.

    Do us all a favor and take yourself out of the gene pool.
    And shut the fuck up until you do so.

  3. I’m only the white space that fills the air that others choose not to fill. If everyone else is feeding her marshmallow fluff and YooHoo, I’m going to feed her Brussel sprouts and kale.
    As far as whether or not I hate myself? I hate myself less than I hate most other people. But if it’s any consolation, mother nature may be taking me out of the gene pool otherwise prematurely.

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