The gentle knock upon my door

The Chaplain drops by
Checking my progress
Multiple times
Questioning my faith

Asking continuously
If there’s anything I need
Anything at all
He can do for me

Do I want to talk
Would I like to pray
Have I had any visitors
What about support system

Are you sure you’re alright
He says with a smile
Sitting as if to stay
Making my skin crawl

I assure him
I’m just fine
No need to stay
No need for concern

If you need me
He said…

No matter the time
Just tell the nurse
I’ll be here all night

And as I turned to watch him go
I felt my hair brush cross my back
And realized the view
Upon entering my room

As I sat cross legged
In the middle of my bed
Gown hanging open
Mjölnir exposed

Tonight I want my door locked
At the end of the hall
Round the corner from the stairwell

But I know they won’t allow it
So I say no to the pain meds
To sleep with one eye open

As this man is no man of the cloth
Using God to come round to call

Behind his wire-rim glasses
and cheap button up shirt

I look in his eyes past the Veil
And find deviant desires with deadly intent
And one hell of a giant fucking Freakbox

©2012 jill terry


Published by jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words...

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