Detached I had become From all that surrounds me Seeing things from a skewed and twisted perception Seeing – but not through my own eyes Focusing on nonsensical aspects Letting the truth slip away Allowing myself to free fall Because of it Then the long dark cloud blew in Forever looming – blocking out theContinue reading “Reawakening”

just thinking

Cole multi-tasking – with me in hospital doing homework listening to music texting Alyssa just being himself More than being an awesome kid – kind, caring and genuine, more than being an honors student, more than the talent he possess, more than his determination to follow his passion and make his dreams happen, more thanContinue reading “just thinking”

The gentle knock upon my door

The Chaplain drops by Checking my progress Multiple times Questioning my faith Asking continuously If there’s anything I need Anything at all He can do for me Do I want to talk Would I like to pray Have I had any visitors What about support system Are you sure you’re alright He says with aContinue reading “The gentle knock upon my door”