Five lives momentarily touched
Five lives briefly brought together
From four corners of the world
By a single caring heart
A lone extraordinary soul

Within minutes of posting, I had two responses. One dismissed it as mindless drivel, the other came to agree, after his own memories were sparked and giving the words a little more thought. And one came from across the seas, with a message that I can safely say, gave us all renewed hope.

Hope that the generations we now are raising, can move forward with determination, follow their hearts, be true to their souls, become leaders and teachers with the power to change the world.

That’s the hope I see each and every day, in the eyes of my child, that all is not lost…

This is the post of which I refer –

So, my 14 year old whose been teaching himself Japanese and been fascinated with the culture for as long as I can remember, has just informed me that he is so disgusted and appalled by the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that he has no intention of remaining in America any longer than absolutely necessary; because he feels indebted to Japan for the unconscionable acts of the American Military, and will be moving there, living among them and doing whatever he personally can to make amends for what this country did, 67 years before he was born.

I have no words…

©2012 jillterry.com

These are the responses that I received –

-Who’s teaching the history in his school? 😦

-War is Hell. Created by man against man. Know your history.

-I agree Jill. I did not have time to think fully about what you posted until my ride to work brought back memories of what my Father said to me about the war while he watched me imitating it as a child playing and fighting with others. He reminded me of all the innocent people who were sacrificied by their goverments. He would not go into the gory details of what he saw because I was too young to share that with. But he gave me empathy for what had happened. I too like your son began to be angered by what had happened when those bombs where dropped and by what had happened in Europe as well. I wanted to apologize. I researched Japean’s culture. As I got older I began to understand the bigger picture that war is fought between goverments. People like ourselves are the victims. You are very fortunate to have a Son that has this empathy.
I respect him for it. Your picture is a reminder of where hate leads us.
This merely my opinion and I’m sure there is more to learn from this.

-Hello everyone I am Japanese. Japanese is not a grudge against the Americans. We think war is bad. There is a video of gratitude to the American people to my post. Please see it. Thank you a lot! We can speak freely in this way. However, China and Hong Kong, Internet censorship has become stricter every day. To everyone. Americans travelers to Japan, during them stay, are said from the unknown Japanese people, that “Thank you for the support” =D. oh sorry I can’t speak English well. This is a video of thanks from us to you guys

This is the video so kindly shared


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