Five lives momentarily touched Five lives briefly brought together From four corners of the world By a single caring heart A lone extraordinary soul Within minutes of posting, I had two responses. One dismissed it as mindless drivel, the other came to agree, after his own memories were sparked and giving the words a littleContinue reading “POWER OF WORDS”


Today I am happy to simply be alive To see this most glorious day Marking the change of another season Another shift on the wheel of the world Of which I am fully And consciously aware Planting seeds of wisdom In the form of words Scattering them to the winds To land where they mayContinue reading “Epiphany”

Universal Wheel

Calendars with pictures and numbered blocks; devices keeping time that buzz or tick-tock; schedules and appointments, days rushing past; constantly looking forward, no time to look back; living on the planet is a commonality we all share – but living in this magical world, is something too few of us do. Without a calendar toContinue reading “Universal Wheel”


“Look at all the little shells – why’s the beach all mixed up with shells,” the little boy asked inquisitively; football balloon tied to one hand, a man he looked like he had no business being with dragging him toward the shore with the other. “The beach is all shells, ground up and washed ashore,Continue reading “UNCONSCIONABLE”

Glancing back

I thought for a moment, and then told myself no; it couldn’t possibly be. Then the Barista called out your name and you stepped up to get your coffee and when the light over the bar illuminated your profile; granted is now covered with an intricate and deliberate layer of just the right length stubble,Continue reading “Glancing back”