Trying to channel
In pursuit of change
Anger the dominant hue
Of my emotional palette

Smoldering relentlessly
Causing great turmoil
Morphing to resentment
The shifting of blame

Peace and solace gone
Beyond my realm of control
Growing more wicked
Inside my mind
With the passing of each
Pain-filled moment

Knowing I’ll rue the day
I allowed conflicting emotion
To take root in my heart
Which serves me in no way

Confronting the original source
Mentally and emotionally
Coping with broken feelings
Defining Years of reason

No compassion
No devotion
No unconditional

Just a single question
In a moment of passing
How was your day
Too little too late

Back to myself now
Attention shifts
Dispelling negative energy
Thoughts and hurt feelings

Releasing all resentment
Filling the leftover spaces
Taking responsibility
Devoting attention

To my own faded light
My own personal growth
Acceptance of my self
And the awaiting path to freedom

©2012 Jill Terry

Published by jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words...

5 thoughts on “PALETTE OF EMOTION

  1. she curses her jailer
    as he unlocks her cell
    will she stay despite the open door
    just to spite her abductor?

  2. Anonymous still thinking he holds some bit of importance, I see…
    Do you think he will ever get the fact that nobody, especially you, cares in the least what he thinks, feels, fantasizes, imagines, or says?
    I think not… Too delusional, self-important, and pernicious to ever understand such a thing.
    It’s unfortunate. I think he has some small talent, that could likely have provided some interesting and worthwhile writing, but unfortunately he has wasted it all on presenting himself as a superior human being, and a thoroughly omniscient presence.

    As I said before… It’s unfortunate.
    Such a waste of talent and intellect.
    And everyone’s time as well.

  3. Superior? Important? Me? Far from it.
    But I don’t give a rat’s ass whether or not you find me interesting or worthwhile. It’s pathetic that one would find those desireable

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