Sensing something
Was terribly wrong
Needing her to be
More than just okay

He explained
She was feeling
The ebb tide pull
Tonight being the longest
Night of the year

The lowest point
Of the sun all year
Tipping point tomorrow
Marking the beginning

Of the suns rise
Back to power
Days begin to
Grow longer

Then he wished her
A Blessed Yule
Asked that she focus
On the return to light

Hours later
Feeling no better
She opened her book
Only to look down and find

Ebb Tide
By Sara Teasdale
Yet again
An unfathomable sign

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When the long day goes by
And I do not see your face
The old wind, restless sorrow
Steals from its hiding place

My day is barren and broken
Bereft of light and song
A sea beach bleak and windy
That moans the whole day long

To the empty beach at ebb tide
Bare with its rocks and scars
Come back like the sea with singing
And light of a million stars


Published by jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words...

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