Soft gentle
Warm velvety
Brushing her cheeks
Her eyelids

Fingers tangling
In black and silver locks
Like a warm breeze
From heaven her scent

Laying her down
Naked on the bed
Hair dangling
Barely touching flesh

He drags it
Across her body

She gasps
Then moans
Back arching
Hands reaching

Pulling him to her
Kissing him fully
Leaving her breathless
Wanting for more

His breath is warm
His words but a whisper

I love feeling you
Smile under my lips
Flinch under my touch
Shiver under my tongue

Watch you tickle
Your nose in my fur
Take a deep breath
Inhaling me completely

A long shuddering sigh
When finally you touch it
Running trembling fingers
Gently through it

Smiling wide
Biting your lip
Holding me tight
Finding your peace

Breathing deep
As if whole again
Home in my arms
Where you belong

Squirming beneath me
Moaning on top of me
Sweating on top of me
Whimpering beneath me

Crying out my name
Crushing my hands in yours
Chewing on your finger
Just before you peak

Losing yourself
In my eyes
When finally I explode
Deep inside of you

Seeing you fight sleep
To stay awake and watch me
Listen intently as your
Breathing slows

Watch the smile
Crawl across your face
As you bury your self
Deep in the nook

Pull you closer
Wrap you in my love
Thank the universe
You’re safe in my arms

© 2011 Jill Terry

Published by jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words...

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