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He feels the weight
Of his dreams
As he thinks of her

He feels regret
For half a lifetime
Spent without her

Knowing mere words
Could never express
The sorrow he feels
Like a cap in his hand

He gathers courage
Deciding the time is right
Put an end to this travesty
Profess his love undying

He sees the light
Glowing ever so softly
Through familiar woods
He has often tread

And he makes no haste
As he makes his way
To the nestled cottage
In which she dwells

Realizing immediately
Upon his approach
His love is inside
But she is not alone

Turning slowly
He begins to walk away
His soul screaming silently
For having waited too late

©2011 Jill Terry


Attempting flight
Breaking free of gravity
That holds me down

In my thinking
In my feeling
In my being

Wanting desperately
To rise above

These emotional obstacles
Release the floodgates

Feel the strength
Once more of my

Unleash my spirit
From these constant

Stretch my wings
In a state of grace

And remind myself
Who I really am

©2011 Jill Terry


I haven’t seen or spoken to him since the day of her funeral.

We sat at the table with him and he made us laugh, with his stories and orneriness, just being himself. He was a pillar of strength, though the pain was clear in his eyes, he forced smiles for her sake and I found out that day, after forty-four years, he thinks that I am a pretty girl; and silly as it is, I felt about five years old.

I never was very close to him growing up, but over the last several years we’ve become more so. He amazes me with his wealth of knowledge and common sense, from a lifetime of living, lessons learned, mistakes made; and speaking his mind, shooting it straight, because that’s just who he is, when the wall comes down and he speaks his truth.

His knowledge of the world stems from a lifetime of reading and watching nothing but public television, for they never had cable television, or even a VCR. But pick a topic and he can talk it better than most.

I received a card from him today, a simple holiday greeting, inside at the bottom written in bold, underlined three times was one single word…LOVE and I sat alone, in my corner and cried.

For not only have I been selfishly wrapped in my own world, driving myself crazy inside my own mind, but I didn’t even think to send him a card, or bother to call and wish him Merry Christmas, and ask him how he was; his first one without her in nearly seventy years.

He’s lonely; horribly, terribly miserable and alone. Just as I am, but for very different reasons; but he remembered me and he made the effort, when the only person I’ve thought of for months now, is myself.

This was my wake-up call, my reality check if you will; that elements in my world have got to change, or another year, I simply will not survive.

Thank you, Grandpa, for giving me so much more than a holiday card and underlined three times, your love in bold…

©2011 Jill Terry

Happy Holidays

Faith makes all things possible
Hope makes all things work
Love makes all things beautiful
May you have all the three
This Holiday season!


Quote of the Day

“Life is too short to spend time with people who aren’t capable of giving you what you need; who think they know you, but have yet to scratch the surface of who you really are.”
~ Jill Terry


Sensing something
Was terribly wrong
Needing her to be
More than just okay

He explained
She was feeling
The ebb tide pull
Tonight being the longest
Night of the year

The lowest point
Of the sun all year
Tipping point tomorrow
Marking the beginning

Of the suns rise
Back to power
Days begin to
Grow longer

Then he wished her
A Blessed Yule
Asked that she focus
On the return to light

Hours later
Feeling no better
She opened her book
Only to look down and find

Ebb Tide
By Sara Teasdale
Yet again
An unfathomable sign

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When the long day goes by
And I do not see your face
The old wind, restless sorrow
Steals from its hiding place

My day is barren and broken
Bereft of light and song
A sea beach bleak and windy
That moans the whole day long

To the empty beach at ebb tide
Bare with its rocks and scars
Come back like the sea with singing
And light of a million stars




Soft gentle
Warm velvety
Brushing her cheeks
Her eyelids

Fingers tangling
In black and silver locks
Like a warm breeze
From heaven her scent

Laying her down
Naked on the bed
Hair dangling
Barely touching flesh

He drags it
Across her body

She gasps
Then moans
Back arching
Hands reaching

Pulling him to her
Kissing him fully
Leaving her breathless
Wanting for more

His breath is warm
His words but a whisper

I love feeling you
Smile under my lips
Flinch under my touch
Shiver under my tongue

Watch you tickle
Your nose in my fur
Take a deep breath
Inhaling me completely

A long shuddering sigh
When finally you touch it
Running trembling fingers
Gently through it

Smiling wide
Biting your lip
Holding me tight
Finding your peace

Breathing deep
As if whole again
Home in my arms
Where you belong

Squirming beneath me
Moaning on top of me
Sweating on top of me
Whimpering beneath me

Crying out my name
Crushing my hands in yours
Chewing on your finger
Just before you peak

Losing yourself
In my eyes
When finally I explode
Deep inside of you

Seeing you fight sleep
To stay awake and watch me
Listen intently as your
Breathing slows

Watch the smile
Crawl across your face
As you bury your self
Deep in the nook

Pull you closer
Wrap you in my love
Thank the universe
You’re safe in my arms

© 2011 Jill Terry


Gifted wings
Wrapped up tight
Hidden away
Out of sight

Little bird
Broken and lonely
Chained by misery
Burden so heavy

Take those wings
Learn their power
Why they were given
How to use them

Look to the sky
Spread them wide
Take a deep breath
Have faith in your flight

©2011 Jill Terry


When you’ve been gifted some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises the universe has to offer, you count yourself lucky for each and every one; but when they pale in comparison to the beauty of your dreams, it’s the universe telling you, it’s time to follow them…

Image and Verse ©2011 Jill Terry

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