Attempting flight Breaking free of gravity That holds me down In my thinking In my feeling In my being Wanting desperately To rise above These emotional obstacles Release the floodgates Feel the strength Once more of my Passions Unleash my spirit From these constant Restraints Stretch my wings In a state of grace And remindContinue reading “FLYING HOME”


I haven’t seen or spoken to him since the day of her funeral. We sat at the table with him and he made us laugh, with his stories and orneriness, just being himself. He was a pillar of strength, though the pain was clear in his eyes, he forced smiles for her sake and IContinue reading “MESSAGE RECEIVED”


  Soft gentle Warm velvety Kisses Brushing her cheeks Her eyelids Fingers tangling In black and silver locks Like a warm breeze From heaven her scent Laying her down Naked on the bed Hair dangling Barely touching flesh He drags it Slowly Gently Across her body She gasps Then moans Back arching Hands reaching PullingContinue reading “WORDS OF WHISPERS”


When you’ve been gifted some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises the universe has to offer, you count yourself lucky for each and every one; but when they pale in comparison to the beauty of your dreams, it’s the universe telling you, it’s time to follow them… Image and Verse ©2011 Jill Terry