Minutes turn to hours
Hours to days
Time ticks on
Dormant she lays

Staring with
Unseeing eyes

No conscious perception
Of what she is seeing
Focused solely
On the dull ache inside

As her heart beats on
Keeping her alive

Exhaustion finally claims her
Slowly steals her away
Into fitful sleep
Where the pain
Still awaits

Lost moments
Treasured memories
Play in her mind
As movies in dreams

Moments passed
Forever gone
But can never
Be stolen away

Light comes
Breaks the night
Signaling the rising sun

Forced to face
Another day
She wonders

If the strength
Will come

©2011 Jill Terry

About jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words... View all posts by jill

7 responses to “LIVING THE DREAM

  • empressalice

    oh its so very fantasic! Thankyou so much. so beautiful and i just really love it.

  • Anonymous

    And yet the pain of staying is still preferable to the fear of leaving

  • me

    Mayhap the pain is coupled with exquisite, rapturous love… Offsetting the scales in favor of the pain, rather than the need to leave.

    Something you would never understand. Real love exists not in your vocabulary. The selfish, cold, abusive “affection” you show your prey leaves no room for true love in that blackened, cancerous mass you would call a heart.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, maybe.
    Or perhaps I know real love so intimately and intensely that I opt against cheapening it with compromise and settling.

  • Jill

    Therein lies your problem…
    You’re intensity and intimacy with what you define as “real” love.
    For if you knew the profundity of TRUE LOVE, you would know there is no pain, no matter how excruciating, one would not selflessly endure; no sacrifice or compromise so great, one would not unhesitatingly commit to – Nothing cheap or settling in knowing ones truth and having the grace in patience to leave nothing between, when everything is between.

  • Anonymous

    I think we can convince ourselves of most anything in order to avoid harsh realities.
    You know what I’m talking about

  • Belleoftheball

    You are ALL full of shit! The owl is not what it seems!! PERIOD!

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