I did not reach
This dangerous precipice
Of my own accord
Nor am I capable
Of leaving that way

He who brought me here
Left me alone in darkness
Dangling precariously
On the fatal ledge

Will have to be the one
To take a step forward
Reach out to me
And take me home

©2011 Jill Terry

Published by jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words...

14 thoughts on “PRECIPICE

  1. I see no lack of accountability here
    I see no strangers here
    I see someone in terrible pain
    Reaching out in desperation to the one she loves
    Knowing in her heart he’s the only one can save her
    And return her home where she belongs

    Heartfelt, soulful, honest and raw…as always!

  2. Anonymous – Did you actually read the piece, or just manifest yourself out of the Ether? There are rather obviously no strangers present. Quite the opposite, it appears…
    I believe the Narrator has just crossed her own Rubicon, and stands looking back across, not sure what exactly she has done, and not fully understanding the way forward.
    I believe there is no question that she would happily admit to at least 50% “mea culpa” here as well.

    ~ Ivan

  3. If she only owns 50% of the blame, then she only owns 50% of her life. She should be careful of who she cedes the othe half to.
    As far as the balance of the other comments, I’m reminded of being locked in a suburban art gallery with a bunch on stoned community college art history associates degree majors

  4. Your perception hasn’t improved any more than your schizophrenia, there Cocoa Puff.

    When are you going to shed the extra identity. the false skin, and the useless part of your name (Clown), and just become the true you (Ass)?.

    Sorry to burst your little delusion bubble, Smerdyakov… but no Community College burnouts in this dialogue, unless you refer to one of yourselves.


    “I am sometimes a fox and sometimes a lion…”

    You, I am afraid, will always be the Ass, the Clown, or on a rare good day, the Hyena.

  5. I didn’t say anyone was a community collegiate. I merely said the comments provoked that imagery. And far from hiding behind a false skin, I embrace who I am. I don’t hide it. I dont conceal it behind fluffy imagery. I am weak. I am shallow. I am dismissive of others’ needs. I am scabbed.
    But every failure, every scar, every moment of impotence, every act of malice, every second of hunger is my own. Of a choice I made or allowed others to make by proxy. I alone am responsible for my destination. My life is my own. So how about you?
    Incidentally, stipulating the fact that I am wretched, vile and condescending, whose comments do you think she most looks forward to reading? Yours or mine?

  6. I would not condescend to answer for the lady. She’s more than qualified to do so herself.

    In the meantime, goodnight Sweet Prince. I go to the arms of Morpheus…

  7. Assclown, you don’t fit into any one catagory…except psychiatric anomaly. I hope the writer ignores every post you put on her blog to show you that you do not matter.

  8. Do you also hope that the sun doesn’t rise in the morning? Or that peace will break out in the Middle East?
    Both are just as likely as your precious little wish.

  9. And, pray tell, what do you think is more helpful; legitimate yet blunt commentary OR reflexive smoke-up-ass blowing?

  10. Legitimate, yet blunt would definitely be the most helpful.
    But being correct in your assumptions is a fairly serious prerequisite.
    Case in point; your initial comment.
    Legitimate in someone else’s case perhaps, and blunt without question.
    Regardless, it was incorrect, arrogant, and condescending.
    But, we expect nothing more from you in general, so it’s not too terribly surprising.

    Steadfast and predictable.
    You’ll make someone a great little wife some day.


  11. Now who is being presumptuous in assuming that they know what is correct through the eyes of the author?

  12. Definitely not presumptuous, as I know the inspiration behind the story as well as I do the author.

    As for me – sumptuous perhaps… but that would be horribly arrogant (and presumptuous) of me to say, now wouldn’t it?

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