L I F E . . .

She was sending texts from the hospital, waiting for the doctor; nervous, as this day has been long in coming. I told her to find a Zen spot and focus. She said she didn’t know if she had a Zen spot; I laughed and told her that’s why she needed to find one! She laughed,Continue reading “L I F E . . .”


There is a path Challenging and complex That if we allow ourselves to follow Will lead us to our dreams Insecurity and confusion Questions of capability Searching for purpose Create our hesitation Though eager we may be To discover what destiny awaits us We stand at the crossroads Instead of moving forward joyously The universeContinue reading “THERE IS A PATH”

Dear Mr. Baylay,

Dear Mr. Baylay, Correct me if I’m wrong, but if memory serves, you’re the vodka cranberry fellow that left a few comments on my blog some four years ago? Over the past several weeks you’ve contacted me in regards to those comments, requesting that they be removed, even going so far as to leave theContinue reading “Dear Mr. Baylay,”


Silver and ebony She is autumn’s child At the height of her being Living on fate Moments of melancholy Memories fade Hope slowly wanes Bringing fits of rage Seeing and hearing Things forced on her person Swallowing them whole Then choking and purging Fighting her way To another worlds end Where no one has toContinue reading “AT WORLDS END”


When great expectations Fall short of delivery Needs and wants Remain unfulfilled Wishes and dreams Turn to imagination Tears and pain Are all too real Search for the River Without any banks For life is precious Time too short We shouldn’t waste What elements of each We currently possess Though it might not be ExactlyContinue reading “ELEMENTS”