Between Sheets and Dreams

Soft curves illuminated in the moonlight as the sheet is removed ever-so-slowly so as not to wake her Fingertips lightly brushing flesh body begins to squirm sporadically delicate moans escape on her breath Languidly tracing the inside of her thigh legs instinctively part slightly in blissful sleep she chews her own finger Shuddering at theContinue reading “Between Sheets and Dreams”


Denied the colors Of life’s continual circle Trapped in a world Of monotone grey Diminishing life’s quality Powerless to the rage Prisoner of pain No resolution No peace Senses once shrouded By the fog of numbness Deadened emotions Now acutely sharpened Heightened awareness Of those deeper needs Unfulfilled On too many levels Needing an anchorContinue reading “STAR LIGHT STAR BRIGHT”