It took weeks to pen this little piece. I began to wonder if it would ever reach fruition; how I could summate in a short space, with mere words, the profundity of my experience, so that others might catch a glimpse, or possibly wholly embrace, the vision I’ve attempted to project.

I thought about submitting it to university literary departments, for review and possible publication; knowing full well that meant it couldn’t be previously published elsewhere. The possibility of recognition and validation as a true “American Poet,” on the merit of this piece alone, was such that I was willing to forego my personal publication and set out on a quest that may or may not reach such lofty heights.

This morning the universe tapped me on the shoulder, reminding me that the only validation necessary is that which I’ve already received; that which affords me the courage, strength, and confidence, to send my thoughts, my voice, my heart and soul, winging into the world on a breeze of hope; that others may feel, understand and possibly be touched, should their path happen to cross current.

That validation of truth and certainty; of who and why we are, is in each and every one of us, but isn’t something that’s found in each other; for it can only be found and extracted from within…


There was no white light
No choir of welcoming angels
No reel of a life spent
Passing before the mind’s eye

There was only darkness
A calm hum of silence
The distinct separation
Of spirit from flesh

As a self-adhering sticker
Being peeled effortlessly
From a smooth pane of glass
To release the true self

The easing of pain
The diffusion of suffering
The release of regret
The depletion of worry

A peace filled knowing
From poets souls often written
That it does not end here
This is merely the crossroads

To the actual beginning
The realm of reality
From Mother Earth’s womb
Death our birth of living



©2011 Jill Terry


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