Echoed voices Borne of a southern breeze Return and linger long enough To fill up her senses Before drifting away Out over the sea To some far off Distant shore Where if fate would have it They may touch again Bringing renewed faith In the power of this love Breaking all barriers Crossing oceans ofContinue reading “VOICES CARRY”



She sat in the corner, listening to the deafening sound of silence, the room cold and dark, but for the faint amber glow of the accent lamp that illuminated the edge of her desk. She looked at the untouched plate of food and her stomach recoiled at the sight. She needed to get rid ofContinue reading “LEFT BEHIND”


I wanted so much to believe she as sincere, that some small shred of her former self still remained. But as I stood across from her on the other side and watched her nod to her friend just a few feet away, who on cue, inconspicuously raised her Droid and snapped several photos of theContinue reading “LITTLE GIRL LOST”