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It felt each day without him
An eternity of dire yearning
Yet each time in his presence
Her life began anew

Never feeling the need
To be something she was not
But longing still
To be all that she could be

Her truest life
Being realized and lived
For she found herself awake
Insider her own dreams

©2010 by Jill Terry

on wishes…

“And yet somehow, that which is perceived unattainable under the cloak of darkness, seems more within grasp in the light of day; and if it meant till the end of time, not a moment in wait would be wasted.”
~ jill terry

quote of the day

“Love has a way of stripping us to the barest form of our selves, sometimes leaving us devoid of everything; to the point that we don’t even recognize ourselves.”
~Jill Terry

Times of trouble

What do we do when a loved one finds themselves in what otherwise seems a hopeless situation? When that long dark cloud rolls in, blocking out the light, casting its pall of darkness that so stealthily creeps in and wraps round our souls. Knowing that our words, filled with every ounce of genuine concern and love we can muster, are weightless; lost to the currents in a raging sea of despair.

What do we do?

What do we posses in offering, more powerful than that force of darkness that at times, so effortlessly drags us into the undertow and pounds us mercilessly into the jagged reef; leaving us grappling with nothing, in our violent fight of survival, gasping desperately what might be our very last breath if we’re lucky enough to break the surface.

What do we possess?

Perhaps it takes nothing more than a genuine desire to comfort and a selfless willingness to do whatever it takes to replace the darkness with the light; our light, made up of unconditional love, compassion and understanding the truth of just how fragile we really are…

©2010 by Jill Terry

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