Hope springs Eternal

Years spent…

Following paths
Through dark and
Foreign forests

Losing my way
Stumbling in darkness
Coming to fear
My own shadow
At times

In search of something
Would hold the mirror
To my own face

Allow me to glimpse
What never before seen…

Then one day I happened upon
A mysterious enchanted forest
The Hunter of my dreams dwelling within
A looking glass in his pocket

Waiting to take his place
Kiss this smiling face
Gift to me the truth I seek
His love allowing me at last to see…

The real me
The happy me
The beautiful me
The brilliant me
The sexy me
The giggly little girl me
The prolific me
The sensual me
The smiling me
The you me –

©2010 by Jill Terry

Published by jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words...

4 thoughts on “Hope springs Eternal

  1. love is what make us go … what make us real, happy, beautiful, brilliant, sexy, giggly little girls, sensual, smiling … very nice words ..anyone who has found new life because of love can very easily relate to your poem!

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