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She felt the warmth
Of that brilliant light
Illuminating the path
As slowly she reemerged

No longer bound
By restraining darkness
A shadow in the valley
Of that wicked wood

Soul once lost
In labyrinths pain
Filling with hope
As she made her way

A distant cloud
Looming on the horizon
Reveling in happiness
She refused to be threatened

Vengeance unleashed
Bringing down thunder
Spewing its wrath of
Unbridled angst

She stood her ground
Refusing to falter
Never to return there
She forged ahead

She did not succumb
To that forced upon darkness
But embraced the beauty
Of that dead October sky

©2010 by Jill Terry

Autumnal passage

On the horizon
Stretching for miles
A blanket covering
Of blue-grey clouds

The season has shifted
Suddenly without warning
In the air you can feel it
Familiar mystic stirring

Something primitive
Something ancient
Arising from instinct
Rather than thought

Leading you deeper
Where there’s no turning back
Forging the connection
Between universe and self –

©2010 by Jill Terry

Here with me

He didn’t want to keep her
Didn’t want to let her go
Afraid he was eating
Too much of her time

She mused silently
Adoring his sensitivity
Smiled to herself
Then answered softly

I’ve been eating my time
For most of my life
What we’re doing here
Is not eating time

This is spending time
Sharing precious moments
And its priceless to me
When spent with you

©2010 by Jill Terry

Beautiful Illusion

Visions conjured taken straight from her dreams
That she should come to know and cherish
Enchanted by the beauty of that magical world
In which she found herself longing to dwell

Accepting the offerings though strictly forbidden
Blinded by the brilliance emanating from within
Helpless to turn back no matter the consequence
This newfound reason her elixir for existence

Sitting in wait as the hand sweeps continuously
Circling the face whilst counting the seconds
This ever present element so aware of these days
Her heart taking flight with the passage of time

No slowing it down – moving forward – going back
Wrapped in loneliness she watches it pass
It was there for a moment and then it was gone
As those shadows etched on wood reflecting the glass

©2010 by Jill Terry

Hope springs Eternal

Years spent…

Following paths
Through dark and
Foreign forests

Losing my way
Stumbling in darkness
Coming to fear
My own shadow
At times

In search of something
Would hold the mirror
To my own face

Allow me to glimpse
What never before seen…

Then one day I happened upon
A mysterious enchanted forest
The Hunter of my dreams dwelling within
A looking glass in his pocket

Waiting to take his place
Kiss this smiling face
Gift to me the truth I seek
His love allowing me at last to see…

The real me
The happy me
The beautiful me
The brilliant me
The sexy me
The giggly little girl me
The prolific me
The sensual me
The smiling me
The you me –

©2010 by Jill Terry


It used to be
That she’d find herself

Turning her thoughts
To him

Now it seems
As though he’s always
Just there

If not dead center
Then lingering
On the fringes

His presence
Always felt –

©2010 by Jill Terry

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