She felt the warmth Of that brilliant light Illuminating the path As slowly she reemerged No longer bound By restraining darkness A shadow in the valley Of that wicked wood Soul once lost In labyrinths pain Filling with hope As she made her way A distant cloud Looming on the horizon Reveling in happiness SheContinue reading “Transcendent”

Autumnal passage

On the horizon Stretching for miles A blanket covering Of blue-grey clouds The season has shifted Suddenly without warning In the air you can feel it Familiar mystic stirring Something primitive Something ancient Arising from instinct Rather than thought Leading you deeper Where there’s no turning back Forging the connection Between universe and self –Continue reading “Autumnal passage”

Beautiful Illusion

Visions conjured taken straight from her dreams That she should come to know and cherish Enchanted by the beauty of that magical world In which she found herself longing to dwell Accepting the offerings though strictly forbidden Blinded by the brilliance emanating from within Helpless to turn back no matter the consequence This newfound reasonContinue reading “Beautiful Illusion”

Hope springs Eternal

Years spent… Gambled Exhausted Misused Following paths Through dark and Foreign forests Losing my way Stumbling in darkness Coming to fear My own shadow At times In search of something Someone… Would hold the mirror To my own face Allow me to glimpse What never before seen… Then one day I happened upon A mysteriousContinue reading “Hope springs Eternal”