Wrapped in loneliness

She vaguely remembers him kissing her goodbye, as she lay sleeping in that big empty bed; though she wasn’t alone, not completely; for in her subconscious she was doing much dreaming. Then she woke and it all came crashing down; her reality, her misery, her fear and her longing. Images, words and thoughts, colliding intoContinue reading “Wrapped in loneliness”

Biding Time

Wicked wind howls An ethereal lonesome groan Branches sway wildly Under stress a tremored groan River rises white caps Lash violently toward the shore Rain slashes monstrous Claw upon her battered door Cowering in the corner Lights flicker silent fear Trapped within confinement Those walls do draw so near Every move and thought un-spoke FromContinue reading “Biding Time”

Incense and Patchouli

An insight to her life The strange flight she’s taking A familiar soul appears at her wing Nudging her upward When darkness would pull her down He quoted a line, innocent enough From a song she’s carried always within A direct reflection of the way he sees her And her soul cried out; a warrior’sContinue reading “Incense and Patchouli”