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The yearning
Twisted emotion
Consumed all thought

In the end
The very thing
I sought
Was not at all
What I wanted

The yearning itself
Is what I craved

The sweet distraction
From monotonous
That I had grown
Oh so tired of

©2010 Jill Terry

Man of no Moon

He was a man of
No moon
No sun
And no stars

Just a man
Wandering as if lost

Staying his course
Littering his path
With pillaged souls
Broken hearts

©2010 Jill Terry

Quote of the day

“Blow the dust off the clock. Your watches are behind the times. Throw open the heavy curtains which are so dear to you – you do not even suspect that the day has already dawned outside.”
~Alexander Solzehnitsyn


They wear their
A label on
Their shirt

Quite literally

Unable to cultivate
A true sense of self
Individual identity
Confusing duality

Forced to choose
A label
To tell them
Who they are

Exalting to
The world
This is who
I am

When the world
Should care less
Refusing to judge
Or accept

Based solely upon
Your sexual preference

It’s the Being
That you are
The Being
God made you

That should matter
To you
And others
If they choose

Without being forced
Without reading your label

Free Willy

He had a strange
With white silk

With no one
But himself

With his own


Tightly drawn
Around his neck

How I wish
I hadn’t have
Left them


Traveling by flight
Alone in a dream
High above the clouds
Far from the sea

To a field she came to land
As the breath of a breeze
Mist-shrouded forest surrounds
Obscuring the castle keep

Sensing his energy
Vibrating at low frequency
Underestimating his needs
Born of pure wondering

Searching for truth
The whole of his life
Waiting for the answer
And the question is why

His alter of strength
Change flows with the seasons
Born of past experiences
Ancestral history

Swiftly she moves
To capture a glimpse
Toward the tempered glass
Outstretches her hand

An enchanted moment
Etched now in her memory
As he slumbers on worn leather
Wrapped in his loneliness

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