Happy Earth Day – 40 years and counting!

Show a little extra love and respect for our Mother today; she’s the only Earth we’ve got!

Honor the sacred.
Honor the Earth, our Mother.
Honor the Elders.
Honor all with whom we
share the Earth
Four-legged, two-legged,
winged ones,
Swimmers, crawlers,
plant and rock people.
Walk in balance and beauty.

-Native American Prayer

Small actions can make a big difference, but only if we each do our part. Make a vow, take a stand, make EVERY day Earth Day. Here’s a few painless ways to get started…

Plant a tree – add a little oxygen to the atmosphere and beauty to your surroundings.

Clean up your neighborhood – grab the family and some garbage bags and hit the streets. Not only will this beautify your neighborhood, but your example might just get others involved and start a trend of clean consciousness that will become contagious and continue.

Recycle batteries – think about how many batteries each of us uses in the span of a year; over three billion in the US alone. Landfills and trash incinerators can disperse significant amounts of heavy metals and other toxic substances into the air and water. Battery waste prevention and recycling strategies are essential. http://www.ehso.com/ehshome/batteries.php

Let the fresh air in – take advantage of this wonderful time of the year by turning off your heat and/or AC; open your doors and windows and let the fresh air in.

Ashes to Ashes – ever think about the amount of waste we generate in death? The harsh embalming chemicals used to prepare a body for burial, only to be placed in the ground, along with the coffin; not to mention the fact that many areas are facing the problem of overcrowding and space issues, in where exactly to bury the dead. There are many ways to create a living memorial through burial and cremation alike. Check out Eternal Reefs; this is amazing! http://www.eternalreefs.com/

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