Bad Oyster


The world was
His oyster

Plucking pearls
He happened across
Basking in their

Until he grew

Then back into
The sea
From whence
They came

Neurotoxic poisoning
Traces left

Not because they
From within a
Bad oyster

But simply from
Touched by

© jillterry


Published by jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words...

3 thoughts on “Bad Oyster

  1. Heh–but what if he really just wanted you to be his date to the pits to begin with? I mean, God forbid he should go there alone, what with his boredom and all. Any reasonably live woman should end wanting to drag him into the pits, and that’s just his plan. He of course, has already been there plenty, and it’s just, well, boring without a new date writhing away of their own wrath. Wrath and agony at being so fooled by a fool, by a snake. Eaten up and spewed back into the sea. tainted.
    Either way Charity Bell, you gave me a good righteous giggle. I like your grit.

    Jill, as you so often do, you have done well.
    The image…I cannot decide if he is sucking pearls up, or vomiting pearls out. ..wait..I guess it’s both, hmm? Binge-purge, pinge-purge. Never to be filled.
    I’m sure I’ll be reading this again in days to come; it’s got a little bit more to it than meets the eye.

  2. Very well done.
    Unfortunately there are people like that in this world.
    They don’t care what effect they have on others and wreak havoc where ever they go.

    And I agree with Oracle of the pearl. Misery loves company and oft times wants others to be in the pit with him/her.

    Your choice of visual art is perfect. (Too bad they weren’t wrapped tightly around his neck, eh?) 😉


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