Inner Realms

It’s that fleeting moment when you hang in the balance; no longer awake, not fully asleep. Where reality and fantasy enmesh and become one; and you know with clear certainty, in the deepest most secret recesses of your soul that what you thought was only a dream, was actually your truth… © jillterry

At the Vernal

I come in celebration Of the dawning of Spring As the time of New growth Is upon us May the immobility Of winter’s Chilling grasp Release us From its bonds As our spirits And hearts Find renewed Inspiration In the warmth Of the light half Of this year © jillterry

Shadows in Glass

He fought cancer all alone and won the battle, at the tender age of twenty-one. He never knew who his real father was, and refused to bond with the string of husbands he watched his mother marry and divorce. He did a five year stint in Leavenworth Penitentiary, for a crime that he swears heContinue reading “Shadows in Glass”

Exceeding the Misery Quotient

So many ways To be miserable Attained on a daily basis The moment It wakes From unconsciousness Forced to face another day Plundering the masks Upon the wall Who shall It be today The angst the drama Poor pitiful soul Its only offer to the world The same worn path Each footfall memorized Wallowing mistakenContinue reading “Exceeding the Misery Quotient”