Some times

Sometimes I just
Want to scream
The truth of others
Too much to take

Zero tolerance
Lack of character
Human ignorance
Me mentality

People spewing
Meaningless words
No forethought
No consideration
To consequential results

Self-centered nature
Tunnel vision
Unable to see
Beyond themselves



Published by jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words...

4 thoughts on “Some times

  1. I was in Walmart 2 weeks ago, thought these things, wanted to scream. And then the checker went into slo-mo mode. I almost did scream, I think I did make a noise….
    I know that WASN’T what you were writing about. But it could’ve been!
    Nice write. Think I know what you mean, some.

  2. whoa…sense some hurt there!

    criticism, negative comments, backbiting…

    “sometimes I just want to scream!”


    it feels better already. =)

  3. No hurt. Just the ignorance of people in general. Their mindless chatter and the meaningless things they over-inflate with importance; when in truth they can’t see anything beyond the tip of their nose! The fact that so few people possess any real character; like they teach in my son’s school; the six pillars…

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