Poem-a-day No.8



River bottom
Got the muddy water



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4 responses to “Poem-a-day No.8

  • Kristin

    What can you tell me about Utopia, Ohio? Five generations ago, I had family living there, and my curiosity has been nagging at me.

  • Jill

    The parts we passed through were beautiful farmlands with rolling hills that led to the Ohio River. Once you reach the river, there are rows and rows of camp sites along the riverbank; very peaceful and serene.

    Apparently, in the mid 19th century [1844], Utopia was established as a social commune by a French philosopher, Charles Fourier. The commune failed and the land and buildings were sold to a Spiritualist by the name of John Otis Wattles. He and his followers moved the main brick building of the commune to the waters edge, against the advice of the locals and in December of 1847, 150 members of the Spiritualists group drown in a flash flood which collapsed the walls. There were said to be only 6 surviving members.

    So, your people could have been locals who witnessed all of this; followers of a French Philosopher or one of a group of Spiritualists. Very cool, indeed!

  • Trilobite Collective

    I’m currently researching Utopia, Ohio- great poem! Do you have any more work about the town? Thanks!

  • Jill

    No, this is the only piece regarding Utopia. Though during my own research, I found many interesting facts about the area that warranted a good short story or two. Will shoot you and email should that come to fruition.

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