Letter to Veronica No.1

Dear Veronica Lake, The truth of us. Something you believe only the two of you share; yet something we’ve all been forced to wonder about. We too had a truth in an airport, he and I; just as he had truths made up of lies with a plethora of intelligent, creative, beautiful, loving, soulful women;Continue reading “Letter to Veronica No.1”

Lost in the façade

I told him once he was a praise whore, and thought he was going to cry. The look of hurt shown in his eyes nearly broke my heart. But still, what I said was truth. I tried to reach that part of him; beyond the shallows, into the depths, and for a moment successfully glimpsed.Continue reading “Lost in the façade”


She waits Wonders Pines For love lost Just as we All did The same Love The same Lies Differing his pain His troubled past To fit each Woman And circumstance Depending On what he Needed Or knew he could Take from them I offered up the Group of support Gathered in the Wings Patiently waitingContinue reading “Ovation”

Poem-a-day No.7

A path with heart Standing on the edge Looking on Dark shadows shroud The path Those who would happily Drag me down Waiting to take My hand Following for a While Truth revealing itself In darkened halls I do not wish To dwell For though at Times My soul grows Weary Darkness offering Such sweetContinue reading “Poem-a-day No.7”

Poem-a-day No.4

Backwoods Bucks Six hundred twenty nine miles A little town called Caryville Where goats are chained In the yard with the dogs The circle of sustenance Shot up from the treetops Nestled in the foothills Shiny brand new Out the door Quint venti white mocha Bottle of syrup $6.99 Never have I traveled So farContinue reading “Poem-a-day No.4”