Faded scars

I feel for her. Sort of. Maybe not so much. I want to warn her. Sometimes. Never mind. Let her learn the hard way. Would do no good anyway. Earn her badge among the ranks. Ugly scars like the rest of us wear. Or rather wore, I should say. Mine are gone now. How aboutContinue reading “Faded scars”

Boulevard of the Bizarre

It’s like an alternate universe One that makes my skin crawl Though I know it shouldn’t Still I can’t help my self Littered with the the dregs of society And side show carnival freaks Where the Twilight Zone meets the Dark Side It’s the Boulevard of the Bizarre Don’t know where they come from WhereContinue reading “Boulevard of the Bizarre”

Strange peace

The house was almost 200 years old when I lived there as a child; one of the oldest in the village. There were trees around it then; one in the corner where the small pine is now and one in the front, across from the porch. This one had a large bolder beside it thatContinue reading “Strange peace”

Born anew

He forced her to look at the world, in a way she never had before. Bringing out the best in her, while dancing with the devil in her. Two people coming together, no matter the reason or cause; finding several common threads that held them together for a while. When time had come for bothContinue reading “Born anew”

I’m listening

The universe is calling; and I am listening. Ensnared in the trap for far too long; searching for a Sage while wallowing in angst. Conceding to the darkness as it consumed and controlled. Though not completely, and not any more. The universe is whispering; and I am listening. Mother Nature opens her arms, enveloping meContinue reading “I’m listening”

Luau of life

Turquoise Jesus In all His Holiness Dangling transparent From her rearview Mirror Surrounded by flowers Tangerine Tropical Glued to the Dash A plastic girl Giving hula Finding false Comfort In her co-pilot and Lucky charm I wonder… Does a silver plaque Warn Pinned to her visor To never drive Faster Than your angel Can flyContinue reading “Luau of life”